This Twitter Romance Came Full Circle With An Adorable Proposal & Love Seems Pretty Dang Real Now

Twitter isn’t just a place to vent on the internet – it’s also a place where people find love. Twitter couple Ben Axelrod and Tory Stachowicz took the next step in their relationship with an engagement over the weekend.

The adorable romance started in 2014 when Stachowicz, a Site Merchandising Manager at American Greetings (and a personal trainer), tweeted at Axelrod, a sportswriter, in a bold move to show her interest. It's definitely a creative way to get a date and some highly-advanced level Internet flirting

After the tweet, the pair met up in person and hit it off, dating for the past few years. They even seem to have planned that first date through a series of tweets.

@toreydanae you buying?

The first tweet must have made a strong impression because the couple came full circle when Axelrod mirrored Stachowicz tweet in their engagement announcement on February 10, 2018.

And Axelrod followed up with picture proof.

With thousands of retweets, the unique love story has caught the attention of the interne — and of Twitter itself as the story was featured in a moments post. While their adorable story is making its way to the public, they’re both normal people living their lives – just on the internet.