Tomi Lahren Railed Against Obamacare But Admitted She Still Uses Her Parents’ Insurance

Politicon, the "Unconventional Political Convention," took place in Pasadena last weekend and featured a wide variety of popular political commentators. The event sparked some interesting conversations and debates, one of which occurred when Chelsea Handler, a controversial liberal, interviewed the infamous conservative Tomi Lahren. 

It's no surprise that health care came up in their interview given the recent political controversy surrounding the issue. Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently, you’ve probably heard that President Trump and the Republican-led Congress have been unsuccessfully attempting to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, for months now. According to Refinery29, Handler expressed her support for the ACA because "it's helped 22 million people," while Lahren predictably stated that she "believe[s] in repealing Obamacare." 

While their stances on the issue might have been predictable based on their very public political views, there was one surprising moment in the conversation. Lahren admitted she is still receiving coverage through her parents' insurance plan—that's right, she's reaping the benefits of good ol' Obamacare. The Daily Beast explains that in pre-Obamacare times, you could only stay on your parents' health insurance plan until age 19, with some exceptions for full-time students. Now, however, Lahren and many other young adults can remain on their parents' insurance plans until age 26 through the dependent-coverage provision. 

If this provision didn't exist, Lahren would have been required to purchase her own health care plan after she was fired by Glenn Beck and The Blaze in April. Even though she is benefiting from the same piece of legislation she so publicly criticizes, it's not too out-of-character for her given that she's well-known for her controversial opinions and rants shared on social media. However, she has attempted to rescue herself from the immense backlash this interview caused by saying she's not against every aspect of Obamacare. So...just the parts she doesn't benefit from? 

Her defense on Twitter has included pointing out that both the proposed Republican Senate and House bills for the health care replacement kept the under 26 provision.

Maybe she should have led with the fact that she supports at least some of the provisions listed in Obamacare before calling for its repeal—but then again, she does love controversy.