Study Finds Link Between Drinking & Unsafe Sex Among College Women

We’ve all been there. You’re out, having a couple drinks with friends, feelin' yourself as you shimmy and shake to the hottest summer jam. And then, all of a sudden, you get the overpowering urge to bone the cutie checking you out from the bar.

Granted, college is a time of self-discovery and part of that self-discovery has to do with sex. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a carefree night of fun with Mr. Six Pack over there as long as you’re being safe and everyone's consenting.

However, a new study has found a disturbing association between alcohol consumption and condom use among college-aged women. 

The study from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine found that two-thirds (66.9 percent) of college-aged women had unprotected sex during their last sexual encounter involving alcohol. There were 287 college-aged women in the study, anonymously reporting their experiences with sex and alcohol.

Condoms, when used correctly, are very effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy and the contraction of sexually transmitted disease. Still, STIs are a huge issue. Dr. Jennifer Brown, the lead author on the study, points out in the study's press release that HIV and other STIs are on the rise—and these infections are preventable.

The point is to not scare you, but to remind you how important safe sex is. Be prepared when you're planning to go out, and make sure reaching for that condom is second nature—because using a condom is so much better than dealing with the repercussions of not using one. And don't forget to get tested for STIs regularly!