Starbucks Is Raising Its Prices...Again

Caffeine addicts, you might want to sit down for this one. In a public announcement apologizing for a computer error that overcharged customers for their orders, Starbucks revealed that on July 12 the Seattle coffee giant will raise its prices.

Cosmopolitan reports that some Starbucks workers didn't exactly get the memo that the change wasn't supposed to occur for another week. Some unlucky customers were therefore hit with the price hike prematurely, which could have been up to 30 cents more expensive than the current prices.

There is no information on exactly how much prices will rise and which drinks will be affected when the change goes into effect next week. In a statement, Starbucks labeled the adjustment a "small price increase," which will likely fall in line with last year's increase of between five and 20 cents per drink.

While you may not even notice the difference on your credit card bill, it's still worth considering other ways to cut back on costs at Starbucks. For instance, settle for a regular brew instead of an Americano, or downsize your Grande Frappuccino to a Tall one. In the meantime, check to see if you’ve been overcharged recently for your coffee orders. If so, Starbucks promised in its statement to fix any mistakes as long as you contact customer service.