San Francisco Just Swore In Its First Black Female Mayor

London Breed made history on Wednesday when she was sworn into office as the first black female mayor of San Francisco. 

"I stand at this podium today because a community believed in me, because our city services looked out for me," Breed said, addressing the crowd after being sworn in. 

Breed also tweeted about what it means to her to become San Francisco's mayor. 

At the ceremony, California Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein — the first woman elected to Breed's post — delivered a message via video.

"After far too long as the only woman mayor of San Francisco, I so proudly welcome you into the club," Feinstein said. "I have every confidence that you’re going to be the right leader at the right time for our city."

Prior to Feinstein, Mayor Willie Brown was the first African American to hold the title. 

Wednesday's ceremony was "rooted in the historic nature" of Breed's win, including a reference to Maya Angelou, the National Anthem, and more, ABC News reported

Breed, a San Francisco native, ran for mayor pledging to address a number of the city's problems — namely, the housing and homelessness crisis