Rats Ate $18,000 Worth Of ATM Cash In India & People Are Shook

Social media users are shook because of images and videos circulating that show a bunch of destroyed bank notes inside an ATM kiosk. Allegedly, dead rats were also found inside. When maintenance staff opened the ATM on June 11, after the machine had been out of use since May 20, they found shredded bank notes equaling ₹12.38 lakh, a little more than $18,000 USD, the Hindu reports. 

According to officials, it's likely rats are to blame since some dead rats were also found in the ATM, according to the Hindu. The ATM belongs to the State Bank of India and is located in Assam, a state in northeastern India. The Hindu reports that a private security firm deposited ₹29.48 lakh ($43,306 USD) in the ATM on May 19 and then was out of service the following day. The matter is currently under investigation, according to NDTV.

Many people posted about the incident on Twitter and Facebook. Some were outraged and some tried to find a bit of humor in it. Others are a bit suspicious, according to the Economic Times

The Economic Times quotes a local who says people are suspicious about how long the ATM was out of service and the amount of time it took mechanics to go attempt to fix the machine. 

But one thing's for sure — we don't want any rats inside our ATMs. Maybe this is yet another excuse not to carry cash.