Prepare to Celebrate: This Year's #1 Party School Has Been Released!

The Princeton Review has a high following among pre-collegiettes thanks to its yearly college ranking releases. And although they may not embody full accuracy (we're still trying to figure out how our schools made—or didn't make—some of those lists), incoming students rely on them to gauge their fit, and more importantly, for (questionable) bragging rights once accepted.

So, what's the scoop? This year there's a total of 62 lists to peruse (you're welcome for this week's procrastination plan) covering everything from the quality of the classroom experience to the quality of the food. Of course, there's one very special list every tail-gating, bar-hopping and fiesta-throwing school's been anticipating: Party Schools.

And the winner is? The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  With an enrollment of almost 33,000, it's no wonder the campus offers a high dose of liveliness! And as part of the Big Ten, you can bet your best shot glass that the Fighting Illini throw some thriving tailgates—is it too late to transfer?

Not-so-coincidentally, the university also made lists entitled Lots of Beer and Lots of Hard Liquor, coming in at #5 and #3 respectively. As for its competitors, University of Illinois beat out Big Ten rivals University of Iowa (#2) and University of Wisconsin (#3), as well as preppy Bucknell (#4) and pride-filled Syracuse (#5), among others.

Overall, there are tons of benefits associated with party schools: incredible social opportunities, abundant stress-busters and the opportunity to master those bartending skills you've been practicing, for example.

But apparently, the ranking isn't as highly esteemed among the older crowd, and particularly administrators (c'mon, guys!)  University Chancellor Phyllis Wise referred to the ranking as "insulting," "disappointing" and a "psuedo-ranking" in a statement to CNN. Meanwhile, school officials seem especially concerned that the ranking will ruin their students' credibility as hard-working students destined to succeed. Apparently, they've forgotten their golden years—the most successful and enviable students are those who can masterfully balance work and play!

Overall, we give a big kudos to all winners, especially those ranked in some...unique...categories—Birkenstock-Wearing, Tree-Hugging, Clove-Smoking Vegetarians, anyone?

And to #1 champ, University of Illinois, we know exactly what this prestigious award calls for—a boatload of celebratory parties, obvs. Bring on the orange and blue, Illini, and don't forget to send our invitation!