Pottery Barn is Releasing a 'Friends' Collection & Yes, You Can Buy Rachel's Apothecary Table

Now that Friends is leaving Netflix in 2020 (we’re still heartbroken over this), fans of the series have a new way to bring Rachel, Phoebe, Ross and the rest of the gang into their homes. Thanks to Pottery Barn, you don’t need to hit up the Colonial flea market to get your own apothecary table, because the retailer is recreating some key pieces from Friends for a new 25th anniversary collection for the popular sitcom. 

Even though Phoebe despised Pottery Barn, the company confirmed that they are selling the famous apothecary table, which served as a namesake episode in season six, along with other items. According to PopSugar, the Friends-inspired line features “Central Perk-worthy accents,” with everything from decorative accessories to furniture. 

While Pottery Barn hasn’t revealed the entire collection yet, the first image of the line shows a Central Perk mug, a logo throw pillow and the apothecary table that Rachel convinced Phoebe was a unique antique, PEOPLE reports. Hopefully, the line will also include the cage from “Colonial bird merchants” and “room separating apparatus.” (Hint, hint, Pottery Barn…)

Image via Pottery Barn

According to Vanity Fair, pieces from the limited edition collection range in price from $13 to $1,099 and is expected to launch July 30th, which gives fans plenty of time to get those favorite pieces ahead of the show’s 25th anniversary in September. 

Fans will remember the famous season six episode titled “The One with the Apothecary Table” saw Rachel purchase an apothecary table from Pottery Barn for her and Phoebe’s apartment. Rachel soon learns, however, that her roommate loathes Pottery Barn since it mass produces its products, so Rachel tries to pass of the table as a flea market find. 

Image via Giphy

Things quickly escalate after Ross ends up buying the same table, foiling Rachel’s plans as she attempts to pass off more Pottery Barn merchandise as original pieces. Phoebe ends up discovering the truth and later has a change of heart about Pottery Barn. 

We can’t wait to get our hands on Rachel’s apothecary table. It’ll definitely be perfect to rest our feet on while lounging on the couch and binge-watching Friends. (We just won’t tell Phoebe we got it from Pottery Barn.)