Nooo, This Professional Chocolate Taster Job Posting Just Expired

Chocolate manufacturer Mondelez International was looking for a professional chocolate tester, and they posted the job on LinkedIn this past Monday—only to have it absolutely flooded with applicants. Mondelez owns brands like Cadbury and Oreo, meaning one lucky person is probably about to start eating Oreos for a living, as long as they can give honest feedback about the product.

The official title of the position is “Chocolate and Cocoa Beverage Taster," and it's located in the UK. The job description posted on LinkedIn says that the main requirements for the job are a “passion for confectionery and taste buds for detection.”

The job is a part-time position, requiring 7.5 hours per week Tuesday through Thursday. Other requirements include having a “communicative personality,” eagerness to try “inventive products,” and a “firm grasp of the English language.”

Some people took to social media to express just how passionate and eager they are about this job:

According to BBC News, over 1,500 people applied for the best job in the world, and a company spokesperson told BBC News that the response has been “hugely encouraging” and that the company “can’t wait to see who makes the cut to join [their] other 4,000 chocolate-loving employees across the UK.” But the huge number of applicants is probably what caused the job posting to close down—as of Friday, the LinkedIn posting included a message saying, "This job posting expired just now."

So, today's not the day you'll be paid money to eat chocolate. But this is a great reminder to always keep your eye on job posting sites, even if you've got a gig already—You never know what weird and wonderful job might show up!