Mom Who Previously Married Son is Charged With Incest For Marrying Daughter

The matching superman shirts are not the only thing these women have in common— the mother/daughter duo is also a legally married couple.

Patricia Ann Spann, 43, and her daughter, Misty Velvet Dawn Spann, 25, were charged with incest, held on $10,000 bonds, and appeared in district court this past Wednesday, according to the Associated Press. Police learned about the marriage last month while conducting a child welfare investigation, in which Patricia told an investigator that she had lost custody of three children previously, but had recently reconnected with her daughter. She apparently thought it was okay for them to get married because Patricia's name was not on Misty's birth certificate.

The story got even more bizarre when detectives found out Patricia had married her son in 2008, but that he later anulled the marriage for "incest," according to the AP.

Detective Dustin Smith told local news station KOCO that the women say they get married in order to get better health benefits, and to expedite the process of adopting a child. Marrying a close relative is still incest in Oklahoma even if there's no sexual relationship, according to the AP.

"It shocks the senses a little bit I think across the board,” Smith told KOCO. "Of course, you get the goofy jokes, but it's very shocking. Very surreal case."