Mike Pence Says Legal, Safe Abortions In The U.S. Could End 'In Our Time' & Repro Advocates Are Heated

Mike Pence spoke at an anti-abortion group luncheon in Nashville on Tuesday and proceeded to let everyone know that “legal abortion could once again be banned in the U.S., and that it could happen in our time,” reports the Huffington Post

In his speech he went on to talk about how “The President reinstated the Mexico City Policy to prevent American tax dollars from funding organizations that promote or perform abortions beyond our borders.”

Human Rights Watch breaks down the ins and outs of the Mexico City Policy, which "requires foreign nongovernmental organizations receiving US global health assistance to certify that they do not use their own non-US funds to: provide abortion services, counsel patients about the option of abortion or refer them for abortion, or advocate for the liberalization of abortion laws."

It doesn't stop there either. He also touted that the Trump administration had ended the U.S.’s financial contribution to the United Nations Populations Fund, which is an organization that takes care of family planning and is responsible for ending childbirth deaths in over 150 countries.

After they all celebrated taking women’s health rights away, he went a step further, with cheers from the crowds, he reiterated the celebration of defunding Planned Parenthood in Tennessee. (Yeah, I really feel like cracking a cold one and doing a cheers right now — NOT.)

As always, Twitter had my back and had some *thoughts* about this too, including California Senator Kamala Harris and New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand who weighed in on Pence's comments:

Though the Vice President might be celebrating a potential end to abortion advocates, it's obvious that activists and advocates aren't going to quietly accept those policies anytime soon.

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