A Man Was Hospitalized For Sucking A 10-Inch-Penis & The Internet's Obsessed

Do you remember this tweet? It went viral this month, because OBVIOUSLY. It had literally everyone begging for the complete story.

Nineteen-year-old Fredy Alanis from Chicago was hospitalised after an unfortunate Grindr hookup, he told Them. So many people thought this was hilarious on social media, but Alanis really hurt himself after sucking a 10-inch penis to the point that he ruptured his airway. 

According to Them, Alanis ruptured his airways after he “sucked a hulk-sized dick” back in January and ended up in the hospital. He then snapped a photo of himself in his hospital bed. Alanis didn’t post the viral photo until July 5th, seven months after the Grindr incident. 

Alanis knew something was wrong after him and this hulk-sized guy, who btw was his former neighbor, finished. He said he felt a "soreness in [his] chest.“

It got even worse the next day: “I woke up the next morning, and the pain was still in my chest and it was sharp. I was hunched over and crying,” Fredy said. 

When he went to the hospital, he didn’t tell his doctor how he got his injury. “Because afterwards I was kind of confused more than anything. When I went to the doctor, when they said there was a rupture in my airway, they said the only thing it could possibly be was last night.”  

He eventually did tell his doctor what happened, but still hasn’t told his mom what actually happened that day. “I didn’t tell them exactly what happened because my mom drove me to the hospital. I told my mom that the night before I was violently coughing. I had to pull something out of my ass really quick to cover it up,” he told Them. “I was in the hospital for three days. I felt like, eventually, I had to tell the doctors exactly what happened to be treated the right way.”

As of right now, Fredy is a-okay after the massive penis incident. He is even being called a hero on social media.