Krispy Kreme Is Introducing New Cookie Inspired Doughnuts & Literally Nothing Else Matters

I didn’t think this Summer could get any better after hearing that Whole Foods was having a two month sale on Rosé but I’ve been proven wrong and am officially saying goodbye to my Summer bod. As reported by Spoon University and on Instagram by @thejunkfoodaisle, Krispy Kreme is releasing two new cookie inspired doughnut creations.

The first is a nutter butter twist on the classic glazed twist. This is for my peanut butter addicts: It’s dipped in peanut butter icing, topped with pieces of nutter butter cookie, and drizzled with — wait for it — MORE peanut butter icing. Excuse me while I go into a peanut butter, nutter butter doughnut coma.

There’s more though! The second cookie doughnut creation is inspired by Chips Ahoy! This one is an unglazed shell doughnut and (you may want to hold onto your seat for this next bit of information) it’s filled with cookie dough kreme...YEAH, I just said cookie dough kreme! It’s topped with dark chocolate, Chips Ahoy cookie pieces and a mini Chips Ahoy cookie. I wasn’t even ready for that one.

If you need me I’ll be at Krispy Kreme stuffing myself with nutter butter and cookie dough kreme!