It's Okay If You Never Check Your Voicemail — Voice Messaging On Instagram Is A Thing Now 

Instagram just keeps rolling out new features and their latest might be their most personal yet. Long gone are the days of leaving a voicemail—or, even worse, talking on the phone with someone—because Instagram just launched voice messaging in your direct messages. 

The process is super simple. When you’re ready to record a message, select which follower you want to send it to, and instead of typing your message, hold down the microphone icon and record your thoughts. When you let go of the icon, the message will automatically send. 

But be careful or maybe rehearse what you want to say a few times to make sure the message you’re sending is saying what you want it to. 

Courtesy of Instagram

So, whether you’re planning a night out with the girls, you need your SO to pick-up some extra food for the party or just want to send a little love to your BFF, Instagram just gave you a new option to share your message.