I'd Give You Some Hubba Bubba Gin Liqueur —But This Is My Last Piece

If you're looking to mix up your drink flavors without breaking your Pink aesthetic on your Instagram feed this new yummy, TBT-inspired drink is meant for you. 

Sweet Little Liqueurs, a UK based company just released their newest flavor and it sounds delicious — Hubba Bubba bubble gum flavored gin is the next big thing and it even comes in these adorable bottles giving us all the nostalgia from our childhood days attempting to blow bubbles with our gum in the 80s and 90s. 

Hubba Bubba, if you don't remember, was the ultimate bubble gum brand back in the day. It was originally launched in 1979 and quickly became popular in the US and around the world. Their tagline "starts soft. stays soft" was a real selling point.


Bubble gum gin? Is this real? Asking for a gay friend 😂 pic.twitter.com/3rhpjWyp2L

— Scott (@shhhh0740) August 7, 2018


It's not surprising that Sweet Little Liqueurs chose this brand for their next "ginspiration," as the company calls it, since their goal is to “bring back childhood memories” with their liqueur flavors, according to their website. This also includes other snack-based inspo in their line-up like a liqueur inspired by Jammy Dodgers, according to Pretty52.

Even if you're not a gin lover they have several recommendations for how to mix up a bright summer cocktail via Ginspiration, including lemonade, tonic, and prosecco. Add a fruit garnish or a mint leaf and you will have the ultimate poolside drink to finish off your summer with. If you are a gin lover then you're in luck because the original bottle is totally instagram worthy on it's own too! 

(H/T Bustle)