Hundreds of Teens Planned Via Snapchat to Create Chaos at a Philadelphia Mall, For Some Reason

Teens have been crashing malls and causing mayhem in shopping centers around the country, and no one really knows why. The most recent incident happened yesterday at a Philadelphia mall where the incident was believed to be planned via Snapchat. You know, where we all plan our mall mayhem expeditions.

According to The Washington Post, nearly 200 unruly teens arrived at the Philadelphia Mills Mall on a bus, but only 30-40 actually made it inside. They headed straight for the food court, but instead of grabbing a bite to eat (what we all would have done), they ran around screaming and yelling. Sounds like fun!

A witness, who wished to remain unnamed, told the Fox 29 News Philadelphia, "Fights, multiple fights. Guys, girls, guys and girls. Phones being thrown, I seen them running through security, security had no chance. They were trying to keep them out of the mall, they just ran through," he said.

The Philadelphia Inquirer says four boys, ages 14-17, were arrested in the chaos. One boy attempted to punch an officer. However, no one was injured. Officials at the scene said it took a couple of hours to get the teens to leave. Hundreds of kids who didn't come inside the mall stayed in the parking lot, allegedly "kicking cars" and scaring people.

This is not an isolated event for the Philadelphia mall. According to Fox 29, this is the second time the mall has been disrupted by teens, the first being the night before.

Strangely, Philadelphia is not alone in the mall chaos. Similar incidents have played out in Aurora, Illinois, Connecticut, Cleveland, Fort Worth, Texas, Memphis and many others cities (anyone remembering the crisis of clown sightings earlier this year?).

No one is really sure why all these events are occurring, though post holiday disturbances are not unprecedented. It may be best just to save all those Christmas gift return trips until January.