Hidden Valley's Holiday Products Are The Perfect Gift For Anyone Obsessed With Ranch Dressing

Do you ever find yourself yearning to pay homage to your overwhelming love for Hidden Valley's ranch dressing? Well, the brand’s latest holiday line allows you to do just that.

Delish reports that that real Hidden Valley stans can pay  $150 for a six-foot inflatable bottle of ranch as well as blowers and tethers to help you mount the bottle in your yard and keep those non-condiment lovers off your property (just in case you couldn't get your hands on one of their ranch kegs last year.) 

While the inflatable hidden valley bottle may seem pretty intense, it’s debatable whether it’s even the most extra thing in the Hidden Valley holiday line. One product giving the inflatable bottle a run for its money is the Hidden Valley Ranch Tree Topper, which can be purchased for $50. Obviously, nothing says ‘Happy Holidays’ like a creamy bottle of ranch — and quite honestly those light-up stars on top of the Christmas tree are getting a little overplayed, tbh.

But the Hidden Valley holiday line doesn’t just sell Ranch paraphernalia, it sells actual dressing too including the limited edition Magnum of Ranch bottle, which is set to drop on December 3. Bustle even called The Magnum of Ranch “the champagne of ranch dressing,” so you already know it’s going to be very classy. Not only does the dressing come in a two-liter bottle, while a typical bottle is only 8 ounces, but the bottle itself also comes in a fancy box and ready to gift to all your fellow Hidden Valley-obsessed friends.   

In case you weren’t already convinced of the glory that is Ranch dressing, just take it from writer Callie Tansill-Suddath, who says “ranch dressing is the perfect, most timeless condiment.”