Having a Lot of Friends Can Help You Live Longer

Call up your gal pals because having a lot of friends comes with benefits! We all know that having a strong support system makes us happier in general, but according to new research, those same friends can actually help us live longer.

University of Rochester researchers, lead by Cheryl Carmichael, conducted a longitudinal study over 30 years to observe how social relationships affect well-being. Carmichael concluded that those with poor or few friendships increased their risk for early mortality. "Having few social connections is equivalent to tobacco use,” Carmichael said. "And it's higher than for those who drink excessive amounts of alcohol, or who suffer from obesity."

Beyond that, the researchers found that frequent social interactions at age 20 help form our identities, while fewer, high-quality relationships at age 30 can result in better wellness. Regardless, it’s always good to have super supportive friends, no matter what age you are!

So really, there’s no downside to meeting a lot of new people and creating long-lasting friendships. You should probably thank your besties for helping you live longer ASAP.