Fyre Festival Just Got Hit With a $100 Million Lawsuit

Well, the disaster that was Fyre Festival just became an even bigger mess. The too-good-to-be-true island music festival is now facing a lawsuit for fraud, and the cost isn’t exactly small.

Held in the Bahamas, Fyre Festival was supposed to have the best music, food and everything else. Organized by Ja Rule and promoted heavily by the likes of Kendall Jenner, the festival became the center of attention for its terrible planning and total failure, to the point where Seth Rogen and The Lonely Island are already planning a movie about it. Yeah, it’s that bad.

If you’re not already cringing, a fraud lawsuit could cost Ja Rule and his co-organizer Billy McFarland $100 million. Yikes.

Daniel Jung is the man behind the lawsuit, which claims the “festival’s lack of adequate food, water, shelter and medical care created a dangerous and panicked situation among attendees—suddenly finding themselves stranded on a remote island without basic provisions—that was closer to The Hunger Games or Lord of the Flies than Coachella.”

The festival has already offered refunds to those who bought tickets and even free VIP passes to next year’s festival. I don’t know what would make Ja Rule and the rest of the Fyre Festival team think trying this again is a good idea, but if I was one of the attendees of this year’s event, I’d take my money and walk run.