A Family Is Suing This College After Their Daughter Died During A Pancake-Eating Contest

Rosanne Nelson, mother of Caitlin Nelson, is filing a wrongful death lawsuit against Sacred Heart University after her daughter died following a pancake eating contest sponsored by the university. 

NJ.com reported that the lawsuit takes issue with Sacred Heart University for approving of the contest without reviewing the possible dangers and not providing accurate medical personnel.

Nelson reportedly died in a hospital three days after the contest. Following her death, the university held a service in Nelson’s honor and flew the flag at half mast. 

A representative for the firm bringing the case to Superior Court said, "These contests are significantly more dangerous than people realize and it's critically important for the public - especially educational institutions - to understand that certain foods are safer than others and a modicum of forethought can literally save lives,” according to ABC. 

Nelson was studying social work and working with children affected by the Sandy Hook shooting while at Sacred Heart University, ABC reported.