Ellen DeGeneres Offered the Sweetest Tribute to Her Father After He Passed Away at Age 92

Our daytime TV favorite Ellen DeGeneres always puts on a brave face. Even when she has an incredibly emotional week she is still very open about her personal life of TV. During her show on January 11, 2018, Ellen DeGeneres announced that while the mudslides are slowly taking over her neighborhood another devastating thing has happened to her. Ellen DeGeneres’ father passed away at age 92 earlier this week.

Before a commercial break in her show, she spent time paying tribute to her father and talked about what an amazing man he was — and I'm not crying, you are. He lived his life believing in Christian Science and never took medicine or went to a doctor. He was healthy and happy and lived a full life that he was content with. Ellen mentioned that when she was a child her father took her family on a trip to the Warner Brothers lot — which is so special because she now has her own stage on the lot! He loved the Ellen Show and was so proud of everything she did. 

Even though his death was unexpected, Ellen had time to say goodbye to her father before he passed. When Ellen left the hospital after saying her last words to her father to head to her studio on the Warner Brothers lot, there was a rainbow directly above her building. That seems like a sign to me!

We are thankful for Ellen's constant light and happiness that she brings to the world and wish her all the best during these difficult times.