Take Our Election Day Survey After You Vote!

Today is the big day—Election Day! So...how are we feeling? It's been one wild ride (re: the last four years). Today we’re remembering going into 2020 optimistic, to now casting votes amidst a global pandemic. We've been through an impeachment, tax records, social justice protests, a Supreme Court appointment, hard-to-watch debates and countless other moments. But now we're here. And it's time to vote, if you haven’t mailed in your ballot already.

We've surveyed college women throughout the year about which candidates were your top choice, which ones weren’t and what issues you were voting on. Now we want to know: Who did you vote for today? Were you actually happy with your vote? Did you change your mind at all over the course of the season? Which events impacted your final decision? 

Let us know, and soon we'll publish the results so you can see how other college women voted during this historic election.