The Couple That Refused To Give GoFundMe Money To A Veteran Is Probably Gonna Get Indicted 

The heartwarming tale that began last year when a homeless veteran gave a woman his last $20 when she was stranded on a freeway ramp outside of Philadelphia, has taken a sad turn. 

Katelyn McClure and her boyfriend Mark D'Amico were so moved by the gesture from former Marine, Johnny Bobbitt Jr, that they set up a GoFundMe campaign asking for donations to help him get back on this feet. Within weeks, 14,000 people donated over $402,000 according to NBC News

Following the donations, Bobbitt Jr. believed the couple was taking funds from the account and filed a lawsuit to coerce the couple into turning over the remaining cash.  Bobbitt Jr. says he has only received $75,000 and that the couple has bought a BMW and taken lavish vacations with the money from the GoFundMe Campaign. 

On Monday, court documents were released and the couples lawyer, Ernst Badway stated, “(Since) it is expected that one or both of the defendants will likely be indicted, my firm and I will no longer be able to continue our representation of them in this matter.” 

Last Thursday a search warrant was executed and police searched the home of McClure and D'Amico. It has not been reported what law enforcement was seeking, but ABC did tweet that their BMW was seized. 


The couple was set to give separate dispositions on Monday but they were canceled. A criminal investigation has begun and the civil case is on hold until December. 

The couple has not been charged and deny the allegations. They stated they withheld some of the funds because they knew Bobbitt Jr. had battled a drug addiction and were concerned he would spend the money on drugs.