This College Senior Came Up With the Funniest Solution to Her Lack of Cords at Graduation & Honestly, Same

With graduation season in full swing it seems like everyone and her dog is appearing on our Instagram feeds in a cap, gown and what seems like a gazillion honors cords for each of the activities or achievements they were involved with throughout their four years.

But when Courtney Parchman, a now-graduated senior at Oklahoma State University felt a little bare with no cords, compared to her friends who were super involved in different organizations throughout college, she took matters into her own hands in the best way possible.

Instead, Courtney took to Amazon to order a bunch of jump ropes to wear around her neck to her graduation ceremony — and the best part is, exactly zero people noticed, even when she wore them as she walked across stage to accept her degree. In case you want to see how she pulled it off, there's even a hilarious DIY tutorial on her parody fashion blogger Instagram account, @averagefashionblogger, and I can't stop laughing.

Speaking of which, her Instagram account, which has 43,000 followers and counting, is absolutely worth a follow for quality "fashion blogger" content including how to make a mud mask from actual mud and how to crimp your hair...using a panini maker. (Lol.)

"I started this account as a joke to make my friends laugh about a year and a half ago and truly am still in disbelief at the attention it has gotten," she told BuzzFeed News of her Instagram alter ego.

So if you're looking for any fashion or beauty ~hacks~ (graduation-related or otherwise) Courtney is clearly your girl.