Brownie Batter Oreos Are Now a Thing (& They're Delicious!)

After the introduction of the thinner Oreo cookie, there is a new filling flavor making its way onto Oreo cookie shelves: brownie batter! Cosmopolitan reports that the brownie-batter Oreo was introduced nationwide on August 10 and the full package of cookies are $4.49.

While this is definitely not Oreo’s first time experimenting with different fillings sandwiched in-between the chocolate cookies, the brownie-batter Oreo has received positive reviews from consumers and news outlets alike. theorizes the brownie-batter’s similarities in taste to cookie dough is also a reason for its growing popularity: “We realized that we like batter because it's batter, not because it eventually turns into a brownie. Call it 'the cookie dough effect.' Batter, like cookie dough, is appealing because it's unbaked. It's forbidden, laced with childhood nostalgia and the thrill of quickly sticking your finger into that bowl of ooey-gooey goodness as soon as your mom turned her back."

At least these Oreos can be eaten in all their battered glory in plain sight!