Ben & Jerry's Finally Has Vegan and Dairy-Free Flavors

Eating vegan or being lactose intolerant shouldn't mean that you don't get dessert. Access to ice cream should be a human right!

Well, Ben & Jerry's agrees with us, and the frozen vegan dessert world just became a lot more beautiful. For nearly a year the company has been talking about making these products, and now they’ve finally announced it to the public. And they aren’t giving us just one flavor, but four! This news couldn't have come soon enough—USA Today reports that last year, 28,400 people signed a petition asking Ben & Jerry's to create dairy-free flavors.

These new flavors include a vegan take on two classic favorites, Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Chunky Monkey, as well as the brand new Coffee Caramel Fudge and PB & Cookies. They’ve basically created a dairy-free heaven in which we can finally eat all the ice cream we want without feeling bad, physically or emotionally.

Ben & Jerry’s has teamed up with Vegan Action and Greyston Bakery to provide vegan certified flavors while exclusively using fairtrade ingredients to bring us this lovely dessert without any any animal products. Don’t worry about losing the rich, creamy feeling that comes with eating ice cream, since each pint is made with almond milk to preserve that yummy flavor we love so much. They’ve managed to think of everything—Even the brownies in the Chocolate Fudge Brownie are vegan!

These dairy-free treats are absolutely drool worthy. Which flavor are you most excited for?