After Viral Arrest Video, University of Utah Hospital Is Keeping Nurses & Police Apart

Alex Wubbels, a nurse at the University of Utah Hospital, was arrested for refusing to draw blood from an unconscious crash victim in July, according to CNN. The hospital’s policy required that any crash victim must be able to give his or her consent or be under arrest for any nurse to legally draw blood —the victim did not meet the criteria.

In recently released police body-cam video footage, Wubbel can be seen backing away from Detective Jeff Payne as he rapidly approaches her and forces her outside and into a police car. Wubbel can be heard screaming, “Oh, please. We’re done here. We’re done. We’re done.” 

The policy regarding crash victims had been implemented over a year ago, with Salt Lake City's police department's agreement. However, Payne's attorney stated he was unaware of the policy. He has been placed on paid administrative leave according to ABC News.

In the wake of these events, the University of Utah hospital has implemented new standards that prohibit nurses from interacting with law enforcement. According to CNN,  police will instead be directed to meet outside of patient care areas with health supervisors "who are highly trained on rules and laws." Margaret Pearce, chief nursing officer at the University of Utah Hospital, spearheaded the new policy and stated that 2,500 nurses have been trained under the new policy. 

Following the The hospital's CEO, Gordon Crabtree told CNN that "this type of situation won't happen again. We simply will not let Alex down."