5 New Pop-Tart Flavors Are Coming to a Shelf Near You

Fall seems to be the season for new flavors. Everyone’s favorite breakfast/dessert, Pop-Tart is rolling out a new collection of limited flavors from December until spring 2016, according to Cosmopolitan.

The first flavor is Chocolatey Caramel, where the chocolate “toast” is filled with caramel cream and drizzled in chocolatey goodness, just in time for the December season.

The second flavor is Maple Bacon—so if you’ve never tried maple and bacon together, here’s the tart for tasting! Topped with a white frosting, the Pop-Tart is drizzled with the bacon-flavored and salty “chrunchlets”.

Frosted Watermelon also made the list and we already know how sweet it is going to be. Its pink and green frosting will make the perfect splash into the new era of the Pop-Tart.

As one of the first flavors to debut in the spring, the Frosted Spring Strawberry lives up to its name. Completely decked out with cartoons from the “crazy good” commercials we all love, breakfast will definitely become more fun.

The final and fifth flavor, Pink Lemonade is not only topped with pink sprinkles, but contains lemonade-like filling, making us think it will as fresh as pink lemonade in Bridesmaids.

Which flavors do you want the most? Tell us in the comments, collegiettes!