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New Emails Raise Questions About Relationship Between the State Department & the Clinton Foundation

Hillary Clinton’s technological trash bin has become a feeding ground for dirt-diggers in this election. Now, another piece of potentially shady action has been unearthed from the presidential nominee’s internet past, arousing suspicions about the relationship between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation.

CNN reports that the conservative watchdog group, Judicial Watch, believes 44 pages of a 296-page email log were not previously released by Clinton because of their detrimental content.

The documents reveal some serious missteps by Clinton Foundation official Doug Band, including his use of Clinton aides to both secure someone a State Department job and put Clinton Foundation donor Gilbert Chagoury in touch with the State Department.

“No wonder Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin hid emails from the American people, the courts and Congress,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a press release. “They show the Clinton Foundation, Clinton donors, and operatives worked with Hillary Clinton in potential violation of the law.”

Nevertheless, Clinton’s campaign denies any relation between this correspondence and the former Secretary’s actual work. According to Judicial Watch, Clinton herself mentioned on several occasions that she turned over all of her work-related emails to the State Department two years ago.

Needless to say, Donald Trump is using this latest revelation to fuel his argument that Clinton is unfit to be president. “When is the media going to talk about Hillary’s policies that have gotten people killed, like Libya, open borders, and maybe her emails?” Trump said in a tweet on Tuesday.

Despite the new batch of concerns that this email unveiling cooked up, there’s still not enough evidence to prompt an investigation.

Still, we recommend you think twice before you type.