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Ned Fulmer & Alexandria Herring’s Post-Try Guys Relationship Is Complicated

Few internet drama snafus have caught my attention more than the Ned Fulmer cheating scandal. Seriously, almost an entire year after the initial cheating allegations — that Fulmer was in a “consensual workplace relationship with his producer, Alexandria Herring — broke the internet, I still find myself thinking about the situation every day. And even though the Try Guys have moved on, I’m still here wondering about the aftermath. More specifically, are Ned Fulmer and Alexandria Herring still friends?

Now, for the people who are totally clueless about the situation, I’ll fill you in. On Sept. 27, 2022, Ned Fulmer was caught cheating on his wife, Ariel Fulmer, with Alexandria Herring, a producer at his company. Herring also did work in front of the camera, appearing often in Try Guys videos — including one where she tried on wedding dresses (oh, yeah, she was engaged) with the Try Guys, including Fulmer. Just hours after the news went viral, the Try Guys released an official statement revealing that, after a “thorough internal review,” Fulmer would be parting ways with the company (2nd Try, LLC.). Fulmer also released his own statement regarding the situation, and has remained silent online ever since.

So, what about Herring? What was she doing during all of this? Honestly, we don’t know. Since the news broke, Herring also parted ways with 2nd Try, LLC., and hasn’t appeared on the internet since. No video, no new post, no notes app apology — just radio silence.

After almost an entire year since the scandal, fans are wondering what the status is between Ned Fulmer and Alexandria Herring. So, I took it upon myself to do some digging on my own — because I can’t sleep until I figure this whole story out.

Are Alexandria Herring and Ned Fulmer still together?

While Fulmer didn’t name Herring in his statement, internet sleuths were quick to find out who Fulmer was having an affair with. After the cheating video went viral, various sources — including Herring’s fiance, Will Thayer — confirmed that it was Herring in the now-infamous viral clip. Since then, Thayer and Hering seemingly called off their engagement, and Thayer unfollowed Herring on all social media platforms. Herring also does not follow her ex-partner on Instagram.

As for Fulmer and Herring, they haven’t been spotted together since their notorious night out in September of 2022. Additionally, they don’t follow each other on Instagram either. However, it is worth noting that Herring follows Ariel Fulmer, who doesn’t follow her back.

So, if you’re wondering if everything is cool between Ned Fulmer and Alexandria Herring, I’m going to chalk it up to one, big “it’s complicated.” And while it does appear that the Fulmers are back together, all I’m hoping for is Ariel’s happiness, here — and I know the internet is rooting for her, too.

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