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11 Native American Content Creators Who Uplift Their Communities

Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2023 is on Monday, Oct. 9. This holiday works to recognize Native Peoples, their cultures, and their history. While everyone should be educating themselves on Native American history all year long, we should especially be using this day to respect and learn more about Native American culture, honor their traditions and celebrations, and commemorate their stories. 

Representation is so important, and that extends to the content you consume even when you’re just scrolling on social media. One way you can learn more about Native American culture and amplify Native American voices is to watch and thoughtfully engage with content created through social media by Native American creators. 

Here are 11 Native American content creators that work to uplift their communities that you can go follow now.

Shina Nova

Inuit Goddess that is still respected today #myth #mythology #sedna #nuliajuk #nuliajuq #goddess IB: @Heidi Wong

♬ eredeti hang – out • SOFT

If you haven’t been following Shina Nova on TikTok, this is the time to start. The creator, who is Inuk, makes videos educating her followers on her culture, from the mythology to the food.

Marika Sila

Up next, we have Marika Sila. You can find her on TikTok with the username thatwarriorprincess. The actress and activist makes videos about her culture and recently released the trailer for the documentary she produced and directed called What’s Next?

James Jones

James Jones is a Cree creator with 4 million followers on TikTok who is known for hoop dancing, a traditional healing dance. You can find Jones with the username notoriouscree.

Tia Wood

Tia Wood is a 24-year-old Plains Cree and Coast Salish creator and singer who works to educate her followers about her culture on TikTok through singing and informational videos. She released an album and recently was interviewed on ET Canada.

Eagle Blackbird

Eagle Blackbird is a creator on TikTok who has accumulated 682.9K followers and makes content on Native American life. He often uses comedy as a way to educate his followers on his culture.

Naiomi Glasses

I had the honor of being invited to co-host a NYFW party with Decolonizing Wealth Project that Celebrates Indigeneity in Fashion✨ Thankful to Edgar Villanueva for inviting me. This year’s party spotlighted the amazing Good sisters, Aunalee and Sofia, of @Aylelum ——— Grateful to co-host alongside Ay Lelum, Edgar Villanueva, and @Hud Oberly ——— Got to see a lot of good friends while there in the city 🤗✨ until next time, nyc 😘🌃


Naiomi Glasses is a Diné (Navajo) creator on TikTok who is recognized for her skateboarding videos and makes content sharing her Diné culture. Last year, she made a TikTok where she took her followers with her to the Celebrating Indigeneity in Fashion Party at New York Fashion Week, which she co-hosted. She’s also “cleft proud,” as stated in her bio, as she was born with a bilateral cleft lip palate.

Che Jim

Che Jim is a Diné/Odawa/Latino creator who is also an award-winning actor. He also makes content that relates to his culture and comedic videos.

Charlie Amáyá Scott

Sometimes a few deep breaths can help make today a little bit better 💛 • #DinéAesthetics #MentalHealth

♬ original sound – charlie amáyá scott

Charlie Amáyá Scott is an LGBTQIA+ Navajo Nation creator whose content focuses on “inspiring joy & justice.” They use their platform to educate and highlight issues regarding both native people, the LGBTQIA+ community and more.

Shannon Baker

Shannon Baker is a Dakelh Dene creator who is also an actor, producer, and model. She makes content about her culture and community in different ways, from fashion to comedy.

Niłtooli Wilkins

Niłtooli Wilkins is an LGBTQIA+ and Native American creator who not only celebrates her culture through humor and fashionable OOTD videos, but also through poetry. She has posted her poems on TikTok and Instagram for people to view.

Ashley Callingbull

Just an Indigenous gal indigenizing spaces I was always told I don’t belong in. #RepresentationMatters #fyp #foryou #indigenous #nativetiktok

♬ AIN’T GONNA STOP – Carol Kay

Ashley Callingbull is a content creator, actress, model, motivational speaker, and an In Game Host for the CFL, NLL, and NHL. She made history as the first Indigenous First Nations to be featured in the pages of Sports Illustrated. Her videos are not only about fashion, workouts, and day in the life videos, but also about serving as representation at different events she attends and hosts.

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