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Missouri State University Sorority Opens Doors to Transgender Women

A sorority at Missouri State University is opening its doors to transgender women. 

According to the Springfield News-Leader, Xi Omicron Iota sorority voted on August 30 to change its bylaws to accept transgender students who identify as female.

“Transgender equality is a hot topic right now and it’s something everyone is paying attention to,” says sorority president Danielle Marquard. “We have a lot of open and welcoming women in the chapter.”

The change was suggested by another sorority member, Kara Venzian, and, according to Xi Omicron vice president Liz Lersch, it was warmly welcomed by the rest of the 75-member chapter. It was voted on and made public just days before the sorority begins its push for fall recruitment. The bylaw change went into effect immediately so that all interested students are welcome to attend upcoming meet-and-greet events this month.

“We just want to be as inclusive as possible to all women on the Missouri State campus,” Lersch says. 

Xi Omicron Iota was officially recognized by the MSU Student Government as a student organization in 2002. The sorority is a local Greek chapter and is not affiliated with a national organization. 

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