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Miranda Lambert Used New Lyrics in ‘Little Red Wagon’ to Diss Blake Shelton

Miranda Lambert just found a way to make her iconic single “Little Red Wagon” even more iconic.

Lambert, who kicked off her Livin’ Like Hippies tour in Greenville, South Carolina last Thursday, made a small edit to the song during the performance.

In a video published on Twitter, instead of staying true to the lyric, “I live in Oklahoma,” Lambert, full of sass and a hair flip, sang, “I got the hell out of Oklahoma.”

Speculators immediately made the connection between the state of Oklahoma and Lambert’s previous relationship with Blake Shelton. The two lived there together during their four-year marriage, which ended in July 2015 when they announced their divorce.

Lambert has been dating musician Anderson East since December of the same year, but the sarcastic reference to Shelton is almost too obvious to overlook.

Even the music video accompanying the song alludes to Lambert’s old flame. In a quick frame toward the end of the song, Lambert is seen wearing a belt reading “Mrs. Shelton.” Clearly the song — released in January 2015, just months before the big-name split — holds some Blake-related meaning.


In an interview with Glamour in April 2015, though, Lambert revealed little about the personal meaning of her recording of the Audra Mae song.

“I think it’s just about a state of mind,” Lambert told them.  “I’ve got this on my own. I’ve got swagger…I think it’s just sassy, and it’s up for whatever interpretation you have as a person.”

Sure, Miranda. We see you, girl.

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