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Milo Ventimiglia Surprised Some ‘This Is Us’ Fans & It Was Way Too Cute

For anyone who’s watched Gilmore Girls, Heroes or This Is Us, they know that Milo Ventimiglia is basically an earth-bound angel that none of us deserve. He’s charismatic in interviews, has a hilarious social media presence and is all about the fans. He is always taking pictures with fans, signing autographs and generally being the wonderful human we all knew he’d be in real life.

In a video posted by The Today Show, Milo is seen walking up behind fans as they are lead to believe that they are only there to talk about This Is Us and ask a question. Unbeknownst to them, Milo comes creeping in behind and the fans turn around and promptly freak out. Then, of course, after talking with them for a few minutes, he says that it’s selfie time. The pictures turn out, predictably, adorable and Kathie Lee thanks Milo for being such a good sport and doing that for those fans.

Milo genuinely seems thrilled to have had the opportunity and the whole video is just so adorable that it’s almost unreal. Is he actually a person? Or is he an AI? Maybe we’ll never know. Season 3 of This Is Us premieres Tuesday, September 25th. Will you be tuning in?

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