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These Memes About Jungkook & Latto’s “Seven” Music Video Are Seriously Gold

In Jungkook and Latto’s collab music video for “Seven” released on July 14, he fakes his death and she raps on his casket. Yes, this is real. But what’s more interesting is the memes that have come out of this music video that emerged on the internet, and let’s just say, they’re absolute gold. 

“Seven” is a summer song in nature, and the track marks the first collaboration between the two artists. The hype for the song has been building up. Fans were sleeping in Central Park days before Jungkook performed the song on Good Morning America. Now that it’s here, fans on Twitter and other social media platforms have taken the song into their own hands, especially given its humorous connotations.

Atlanta based rapper Latto has grown in notoriety and will even be performing at Rolling Loud in Miami on July 24. She rose to fame in 2016 when she won the first season of The Rap Game, a reality TV series on Lifetime. Jungkook is part of BTS, the popular K-pop boy band, which is currently on hiatus.

Bora Mom probably summed it up best: “It’s a rainy, gloomy day but here I am, having brunch and laughing while scrolling through all these Army memes about JK and Han So Hee’s restaurant scene.We are so UNSERIOUS!!! Seriously! This was one of the best.”

The memes have started, and they probably won’t stop. Many fans are focusing on this scene at dinner in the music video, and the reactions are priceless. Without further ado, here are the top memes and tweets about this newly released music video.

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