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19 Meme Costume Ideas To Wear For Halloween This Year

It’s safe to say that most of Gen Z are chronically online. This means that, at any given moment, our brains are singing, “Damn, Gravy, you so vicious, you so clean, so delicious,” or silently chanting “Bing Bong!” Every morning, when we open our Twitter, Insta, and TikTok feeds, we are greeted with more thrilling memes, trends, and jokes that will rule our timelines for a short while and stick in our minds forever. Here are a few of 2022’s best viral trends that ultimately result in meme costume ideas to wear to your upcoming Halloween parties and celebrations.


Nathan Fielder

Nathan Fielder, comedian, and enigma known for Comedy Central’s Nathan For You, is having a renaissance with his new HBO series The Rehearsal. Along with memes from the show including the “yassification” of Nathan and his iconic computer stand, older videos and images are popping up of him in his oversized suit and his Shakira dance. If you choose to replicate his video below, make sure you learn his moves. It’ll be a great trick to pull out at your Halloween party.

Crying Will Byers

Okay, I know it might be insensitive to make fun of a crying kid, but Will Byers did nothing BUT cry in the latest season of Stranger Things. All you need for this costume is a plaid button-up with an undershirt, a sick ’80s bowl cut, and a few tears. Hopefully, this fit will keep Vecna away for a little while.

Little Miss

Little Miss has been the go-to meme of 2022 to showcase all of our little quirks, habits, and dreams. Even we got in on the fun! For this, you can do your hair up in colorful pigtails, bows, hats, etc. just like the various Little Miss ladies. Grab a pair of colorful heels or flats and wear your “Little Miss” statement on your shirt. This is a great group costume and a quick costume to do last-minute, too.

Carmy from The Bear

If you’re a TV nerd, you’ve definitely seen Jeremy Allen White as Carmy in The Bear. You could rock the Carmy look with the slick white T-shirt, blue apron, arm tats, and container cup. If you want to get real internet on your friends, you can go as the viral crossover Bob Belcher x The Bear. This was up and down my feed for a week and even shared by the official Bob’s Burgers Twitter account. Artist Andie Basto was really onto something with this combo.

“Uncuh Jamz”

Ah, Julia Fox, a quotable queen. When she appeared on the Call Her Daddy podcast, she would make a meme that would live all year. “I was Josh Safdie’s muse when he wrote Uncut Gems,” is a TikTok sound that continues to live on. To replicate this awesome look, you just need a black v-neck, gold hoops, and a classic Julia Fox accent. Plus, you can also opt for Julia Fox’s dramatic eyeliner look where she shared, “I actually did it myself, yeah, yeah.”

Girl explaining

You’ve seen these two everywhere. They’re the new version of this meme. Grab your partner or friend and get to thrifting a white v-neck and pink bralette.

American Girl Doll

Were you more of a Kit or a Samantha growing up? Now you get to show off your American Girl Doll realness thanks to the “We need an American Girl Doll who…” meme. Bonus points if you can keep up the stiff American Girl Doll arms and half-blinks all night.

Drew Barrymore IN THE RAIN

Few know the joy of Drew Barrymore as she dances in the rain. This wholesome video traversed the internet and is not to be missed. Unless you’re willing to carry a spray bottle around all night to create actual water droplets, you can opt for a gray t-shirt and paint water droplets on the top with a slightly darker shade. Then, slick back your hair with gel and grab some reading glasses. You will be as happy as Barrymore in no time.

Bratz Dolls

Time to break out those platform boots you swore you’d wear more than once. It’s the season to show off your most authentic, glamorous Bratz self as they make the rounds on Twitter.


HBO’s Euphoria yielded meme after meme after meme. In fact, it was the most-tweeted-about show to date. Cassie Howard has “never ever been happier” and you can replicate this look with this gingham top and blue dress. Additionally, Cassie rocked the blue bodycon in the shower as she hid from Maddy after a steamy sesh with Nate Jacobs. Or, you can try a BFF outfit and go as Maddy and Kat from the “Bitch, You Better Be Joking” meme.

Ryan Gosling and Steve Carrell from Crazy, Stupid Love

The perfect two-person costume doesn’t exi…

Tim Robinson’s hot dog Character

Comedy girlies will for sure know Netflix’s smash-hit sketch show I Think You Should Leave starring comedian and writer Tim Robinson. While many of his sketches have gone viral and his show has become a cult favorite, his hot dog character has shown up across Twitter under hypocritical tweets. Not only is it easy to grab a hot dog costume, but you’ll also have an added layer of hilarity with the well-known line, “We’re all trying to find the guy who did this!”

Millie Bobby Brown on Hot Ones

Poor MBB really braved it on First We Feast’s Hot Ones with host Sean Evans, traversing hot wings and hot questions. For this costume, you do NOT have to carry around a bunch of hot sauce, however, you do need a cute dark wash denim outfit, a middle part with side braids, and a chocolate shake, of course.

HAIM Sisters

Grab your girls and get to rehearsing this Haim dance from Boston Calling that took the internet by storm. The outfit is simple and cute with leather pants and a black bralette, and the grooves are easy to learn, too. And 5, 6, 7, 8…

Ben Affleck

Bennifer may be the hottest couples costume this Halloween season, but Ben Affleck stands alone when it comes to meme-ability. Many of us can relate to his viral smoking picture as well as his Dunkin obsession. (He is from Massachusetts after all.) Snapshots from his honeymoon are now popping up all over Twitter including his beret moment, his sleeping on a boat, and his Dunkin’ run with J.Lo. All you need for classic Ben is a dark blue button-down shirt and a small existential crisis. You can accessorize with shades, Dunkies, and a beret if you want to get specific.

Lucille Bluth

Sure, this meme has been around for a while, but it popped up a lot this year ever since President Biden forgave $10,000 in student loan debut. Arrested Development‘s central matriarch Lucille Bluth will allow you to sport your best rich old lady threads and say the most unhinged, toxic quotes all night.

2022 bingo card

This costume could be a fun DIY for you and some friends. All you need is a poster board or large piece of cardboard, and get to work finding the wildest events of 2022 to add to your “Bingo Card.” I mean, who of us expected Yung Gravy to take Addison Rae’s mom to the VMAs, Beyonce to release Renaissance, and Daniel Radcliffe to star as Weird Al Yankovic in a biopic? Not only is it fun to review the wildest events of 2022, but it’s also a great conversation starter if you don’t know a lot of people at the Halloween party.

Rosalía chewing gum

Scenes from Rosalía’s summer tour went viral on social media with her sassy gum-chewing face. Bring your braids and attitude to your next Halloween party. Style a blue or red long-sleeve shirt with a mini skirt, or make a drapey white dress with high boots to achieve one of her staple tour looks.

Chris Pine At The Venice Film Festival

Chris Pine really ruled the internet during the premiere of Don’t Worry Darling. Fans from across the world noticed how he was the unproblematic king plopped right in the middle of one of the wildest series of cast dramas. Grab your old headphones and pair them with a blazer and a white button-up combo to steal his look.

Happy Halloween! Enjoy paying tribute to the year’s best memes this holiday season and make sure to comment your favorite Twitter and Insta trend we may have missed.

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