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This Meme Comparing Your 2016 Votes To Your 2018 Votes Is A Mood

This midterm election has brought back a lot of hard feelings from the 2016 presidential cycle. Twitter users have been doing some self-reflection on how their attitudes towards the polls have changed over the last two years — in meme form, of course.

From wholesome optimism to disdain for the current situation, the latest trend on Twitter is to find images that embody these feelings to show the world your Election Day game face. 

The memes have become a simple way to express the tension behind the elections this year, but still a small way to push your followers to the polls (because there’s still time! If you are on line to vote, stay in line!)

Hardest of sames.


Tag yourselves.

Sad but true.

It be like that sometimes.

The 2018 midterms election cycle has been one of the most anxiety-inducing to date, but at least Twitter has found the light side of things. 

For more info on voting & how college students feel about the midterms 2018, check out our Youth Vote project.

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