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Meghan Markle’s Dog Was The Real Star At The Royal Wedding Reception & Is My New Favorite Royal

Meghan Markle’s dad may not have made it to the Royal Wedding, but one of her furry family members did make an appearance. 

Meghan’s beagle, Guy, nabbed an invitation to the big day, and I’m not even upset that there is a dog with more clout than me, because it’s so cute. The internet of course noticed the pup—because when do we not notice a dog—and it’s just another added bonus to royal wedding perfection.

Guy reportedly had the honor of riding in with the Queen herself, hopefully offering her some comfort after her Corgi’s recent death

Once at the reception, Guy apparently made quite a splash while eating up spilled canopés. So, not only was Guy invited to the Royal Wedding, but he also ate fancier food than us commoners probably ever will. But, after all, we can really only expect the best for the now-royal canine.

Any party with a dog is absolutely made 100 times better by its mere presence, so it’s about time bringing your dog to a wedding became a thing. 

Guy will certainly be living the enviable life of those in the monarchy, as he has been since he moved to England with Markle last year. Unfortunately, the Duchess of Sussex had to leave her second dog Bogart, a Labrador-Shepherd, behind as he was not well enough to make the move to England. So, if you didn’t have enough proof that Markle and Prince Harry are head-over-heels for each other, just take in consideration that they’re sharing a fur baby and the former actress left one behind for her true love.

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