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matthew perry scenes tiktok
matthew perry scenes tiktok
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Matthew Perry’s Best Scenes Are Taking Over TikTok, & My Heart Is Breaking All Over Again

America was shocked when news of the death of actor Matthew Perry broke on Oct. 28. Perry, known for his iconic roles as Chandler Bing on the ‘90s sitcom Friends and Mike O’Donnell in the movie 17 Again alongside actor Zac Efron, died by apparent drowning in the hot tub of his home. According to TMZ, who first reported the news, first responders received a call for a cardiac arrest after he was found unresponsive. Friends is one of the biggest shows of our time, loved by those who saw the first episodes air and those who discovered the show in the last few years. It’s still making generations of people laugh with its cast of funny characters. 17 Again was a lighthearted teen comedy still enjoyed by longtime fans. It is no surprise that fans, TV reviewers, and the American movie industry as a whole were saddened by the sudden news.

The news of Perry’s death made its way to the digital landscape as well through platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. People sent their condolences to his family as well as the cast and crew of Friends. On TikTok, people have started reminiscing about the great moments Perry shared with viewers throughout his acting career. TikTok is the place where people are posting some of Perry’s scenes from Friends and are posting scenes of him from 17 Again to honor his impact in television and movies. 

Many people are posting clips of Chandler Bing scenes that they know from Friends that are funny, such as the TV Guide Chanandler Bong scene when the cast is playing a trivia game. Other scenes, however, are emotional and hitting close to home, like when Chandler was missing from a scene. For 17 Again, the scene of Mike O’Donnell transforming back to his older self, reuniting with his wife in his high school jersey has been a popular and memorable scene for fans.


One of my favorite #Friends scenes. #MatthewPerry will be deeply missed by so many. Thank you for so may years of laughter. #RIPMatthewPerry

♬ original sound – TheChelleBelle

Love this scene, the joey and chandler friendship was the best on friends. #MatthewPerry #chandlerbing #joeyandchandler #chandler #friends

♬ original sound – Kangarupert

Recreating scenes and characters of Friends has also been a way for people to show their love for the actor. A TikTok by Christine Taala shows her and her friend watching the show and recreating scenes. A TikTok made by Simmiebabes shows what the cast would look like if they were in the game The Sims. Fans are paying homage in all the ways they can to show support for Perry’s family, and the legacy he leaves behind. 

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