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A Man Punched a Woman In the Face At a Restaurant Over the Election

On Saturday night, an alleged Trump supporter punched an unidentified 49-year-old woman in the face at a restaurant in Brooklyn. Restaurant staff and multiple witnesses at Bar Tabac in Boerum Hill saw the woman get punched while she was eating with a friend. The manager on duty that night, Jonas Leon, says the two women were discussing the election results when a man nearby began an argument with them.

The man asked Leon if he would kick the women out for their political opinions. Leon wouldn’t, but he moved the man to another table. The man paid and left—only to come back in and punch the woman he had been arguing with. Leon told the Huffington Post, “The guy came back almost running, and he started pushing some customer and the high-chair next to him with the baby because he couldn’t reach the girl, then he punched the girl.”

Witness Katie Nave Freeman told DNAInfo that while she was eating in the restaurant she heard shouts of “call 911,” and saw a woman holding her hands over her face.

NYPD has confirmed the assault and says the woman denied medical assistance. No arrests were made, though Gothamist reports that people chased the man and before he jumped in his car and drove away. The restaurant posted a statement on Facebook to show support for the woman and take a stand against the violence that occurred.

Since election day, acts of violence resulting in the election of Donald Trump have been on the rise. Not only are people arguing about the election results themselves, but many Trump supporters seem to feel that they can now act on their opinions against certain racial and religious minority groups. Trump himself told the people hate crimes in his name to “stop it” during his 60 minutes interview on Sunday.

Cara Milhaven is a sophomore studying communication at Villanova University. She is a contributing writer for Her Campus National as well as the Senior Editor of Her Campus Villanova. She loves caffeine, Christmas movies, fall, and Zac Efron.