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Make exercise SEXY

So here is the thing. When it's late at night & my roommate and I don't feel like making that 20 minute walk to our school gym, we opt for a different kind of workout. Workout DVD's. No, I'm not talking about Insanity or P90X, (we are two girls in a small apartment after all..). So, what are two college girls going to do to spice up a workout AND make it fun? Well, Carmen Electra Strip-aerobics of course! 

So how does this workout DVD make you more self-motivated? Let's see, do you like to feel sexy? Check. Do you like to listen to The Pussycat Dolls? Check. Do you like to laugh at yourself after feeling silly & ridiculous? Check. Do you like to do group workouts with girlfriends? Check. Do you like to have fun while working out? CHECK. Obviously, why would you NOT want to do this workout??

If YOU said "check" to any of the above questions, this workout is for you!

I'll be honest, the workout itself is not intense at all, but that's the beauty of this activity. You will definitely not be getting the workout you would if you ran a few miles, but this is a fun and new way to break up your monotonous workout routine AND it can be done with friends. 

In the video series Ms. Electra teaches us a few hip-hop, lap-dance and basic workout routines. 

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Here it goes. Below is my step-by-step "how-to" guide for getting the most out of this exciting new workout.

  1. The outfit. Now this is key ladies, so pay close attention. First and foremost: Platform heels. (Don't have them? Any pair of heels will do! Not into heels? Grab some tube socks and throw on your New Balance training shoes!). Next, put on some tight pants or shorts. My favorite are my New Balance Go 2 Capri, (they make your booty look great AND keep it in place as you strut, what's not to love??).  Next, put on a cute and colorful sports bra. If you haven't noticed already, this month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so many athletic sporting stores are selling pink everything! Not only is the athletic wear cute, but proceeds go to cancer research, it's a win-win. I recommend the Tonic Crop 3.0 sports bra in Magenta by New Balance (it's easy to move in & makes you feel pretty). Finally, put your hair up in a messy bun at the top of your head! Yep, you make look silly, but it's one of my favorites when doing this workout vid. 
  2. My roommate & I will watch the workout vid one time per workout, catch the basic steps, then mute the TV and blast The Pussycat Dolls as we continue the routine. Please feel free to play whichever kind of upbeat music you prefer! The PCD are just our staple go-to ladies for this one. 
  3. Learn the routines and then do repetitions of the routine after the video ends. Anj and I like to try out different music selections with each routine, it keeps it fun & new! It also can slow it down or speed it up. 
  4. I am completely aware that this next tid-bit of information may come off as completely ridiculous, but I stand by it! After you and your friends are done with the video, keep your space cleared out and find some good "strutting" music. Yep, I went there. I am talking RUNWAY STRUT! Get exciteddddd! For girls in dorms, this is perfect for you to use your doorway space. That's right, strut it out, pose it out, and bring it on back. 

My fave jams for strutting and the workout vid: 

  • Can't Be Tamed--Miley
  • Dog Days Are Over-- Florence & the Machine
  • Go Girl--Pitbull
  • If We Ever Meet Again--Timbaland Feat. Katy Perry
  • Off That-- Jay-Z

This workout is supposed to be fun & silly but also keep you moving & active. So if you're hanging with your girlfriends this weekend and want to try something new, I definitely recommend making a girls night out of this! 

Work work work,

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Olivia Watson is a true "Austinite" and junior Journalism major at UT. She is a member of UT Communications Council, a Life and Arts staff writer for The Daily Texan, a staff writer for Hercampus Texas and an advertising intern at Texas Monthly Magazine . In her free time she enjoys running the Austin Hike and Bike Trail, swimming and eating at Olive Garden. A big fan of music, artwork and theatre, she loves visiting museums and attending plays and concerts. Her favorite things in life include vanilla-mint flavored chapstick, warm socks, romantic-comedies and cookie dough. In the future, Olivia hopes to move to New York City and pursue an editorial career in print journalism.
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