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As An Overthinking Perfectionist, Madison Beer’s ‘Silence Between Songs’ Makes Me Feel Seen

It’s often said that artists have their whole lives to write a debut record, but only have a few years between album cycles to write every subsequent one. On Sept. 15, Madison Beer delivered her new album Silence Between Songs — a mature, ethereal follow-up to her 2021 debut, Life Support. In the album, Beer sings about how she connected with that in-between, recognizing how such periods of calmness have actually caused her to develop the most. 

Although the wait for a new album from Beer has been a long one, it’s worth it. This time last year, she had an entirely different sophomore album ready to go; even the test pressings were complete. However, an intuitive feeling caused her to go back to the drawing board, and thus the concept for Silence Between Songs was born. 

“I got started really young doing this, and I feel like I’ve had a very busy 12 years or so in the industry and I kind of convinced myself that the moments where I was making music and when I was on tour and when I was my busiest was when I was growing,” the 24-year-old singer said in a July 2023 interview with Billboard. “As I’ve gotten a little bit older, I realized it’s actually been the moments that I’ve been able to tune out the noise and I’ve been able to be alone, really reflect and be more isolated where I’ve grown the most. So, it’s the silence between songs and when the noise is turned off is when I feel like I’ve learned who I am the most.”

Belonging to Gen Z and growing up in the spotlight, Beer has firsthand experience with unrealistic societal standards. Today’s culture tends to over-emphasize productivity, as well as the “prime” of young women in entertainment. In Silence Between Songs, Beer challenges these notions as she gives examples from her personal life. As human beings, our defining moments don’t just occur at our peaks — they can also come when we’re taking a break. 

The album feels haunting and validating at the same time. The frustration of the scene-setting opener, “Spinnin” — particularly the line, “Did the world stop spinnin’ or did I?” — echoes my thoughts on the darker days. The rest of the album encourages me to always acknowledge my emotions, rather than bottle them up to do something “better.” 

Track three also hit home for me, as I also “Envy The Leaves.” Why can’t I be “carefree through the seasons, unaware of the fall” too? If only I was a natural phenomenon, my biggest concern would simply be the present. Not getting A’s in all of my classes, not arguing with my family again, not wondering if my friends secretly hate me … just what I’m in control of right now. Why can’t we all live like that? 

Last but not least, “King Of Everything” serves as a powerful closer. Fans on Twitter think its lyrics call out Scooter Braun, Beer’s former manager who has recently found himself in hot water. The girl who once compared herself to those who accomplished more, who used to think that “the view from the top would be different,” now realizes how fabricated the industry is. Unapologetically vulnerable, Beer continues on her own healing journey while condemning those who took advantage of her mental health for their own gain. 

As human beings, we all have our ups and downs, and there’s no need to feel guilty about that. I definitely needed to hear that message, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way. It’s okay to not do something productive every second of every day. It’s okay if you need to take a mental break. You can’t have the rush without those periods of reset.

Karly Ramnani is a junior at the University of Southern California, in Los Angeles, studying music industry, with a strong passion for art and journalism. They discovered this amazing community shortly after starting college, and are super stoked to a national writer for Her Campus this semester. Karly worked with Her Campus in Fall 2022 as well, as the Entertainment & Culture Editorial Intern. Other outlets they've written for include All Country News, The Honey Pop, Medium, Newsbreak, and their own startup music blog Playlists & Polaroids. They currently serve as a campus ambassador for Amazon Prime Student and Tinder. When they're not writing blogposts and music reviews, you can find them composing and performing music, putting their nose in a rom-com book, binge watching "The Summer I Turned Pretty," or crying over Taylor Swift.