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Lucy Hale Shared the Relationship Pet Name That Makes Her ‘Want to Hurl’ & Would Be a Total Deal Breaker

Lucy Hale has been busy promoting her new show Life Sentence, and her most recent stop has her revealing some of the things she’s loving and hating (oh-so-much) at the moment.

On The Tonight Show’s “Pop Takes” segment, Lucy shared her opinions on some of the buzziest things in pop culture right now. First of all, she loves the phrase doggo, especially when it refers to her dog (and TBH, who wouldn’t? Her dog is adorable!) She also shared her feelings on The Bachelor, face mask selfies, and the ever-present gray hair trend. But the most interesting reveal is that Lucy is not a fan of pet-names such as “hubby” or “bae.”

“The terms bae or hubby…make me want to hurl!” Lucy said. “If someone called me bae, I’d break up with him. It just wouldn’t work out.”

Lucy’s disdain for these terms is totally relatable. The time for “bae” and “hubby” has passed. Let’s come up with some creative and personal names for our SOs, shall we?

You can check out all of Lucy’s “Pop Takes” in the video above—and be sure to watch Life Sentence, Wednesdays at 9pm on The CW.

Sarah Shevenock is a graduate of The College of William and Mary, where she served as a staff writer and Campus Correspondent for Her Campus William and Mary. Currently, she is a National Contributing Writer and Entertainment Blogger. In her free time, she enjoys reading voraciously, watching morning news programs, and keeping up with the latest television and movie news. She loves to talk about anything and everything related to theatre, cheer for her beloved Pittsburgh Penguins, and drink fancy coffee.
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