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Ya’ll, ‘Love Island USA’ Season 6 Movie Night Was Wild AF — Here’s What Went Down

It’s the best time of the year — it’s Love Island season! The girls and guys of Love Island USA Season 6 have brought the drama to a new level this time around, and we’re only halfway to the finale. After a whirlwind of events during and after the infamous Casa Amor, the islanders are in for a rude awakening when the inevitable “movie night” sweeps the villa.

If you’re completely lost, here’s a quick summary: Casa Amor is the ultimate relationship test on Love Island, and because these islanders only have a few weeks together, they often get tempted. When everyone returns to the main villa, “movie night” ensures everyone’s up to date on what happened while the couples are apart and what the islanders really think about one another. It’s a good ol’ messy time. 

On July 9, the Season 6 crew of Love Island USA  got the unfiltered and uncut truth, and it was a wild ride. Here’s a recap of everything that went down. 

For starters, Liv Walker and Leah Kateb got into it — again! After a clip showed a conversation happening between Walker, Kaylor Martin, and Rob Rausch, Kateb and Walker exploded, dividing the original villa girls. Kateb confronted Walker for saying she heavily swayed the decision to send Andrea Carmona home, who was coupled up with Rausch. 

The ladies went back and forth with Walker, saying, “Are you going to let me finish, or are you just going to keep putting in? Which one is it?” Kateb responded by screaming, “Liv, shut the f*ck up! Shut up!”  

Kateb found herself in the hot seat again when a clip of her talking about Rausch after a disagreement played. Aaron Evans defended his best friend, Rausch, and called Kateb out, which led to Serena Page defending Kateb and giving Evans a piece of her mind. Page stated how quickly Evans came to the defense of Rausch versus how he’s handled things with Martin.

Besties, it’s a hot mess in the villa right now. 

Another big moment during movie night was the highly anticipated reaction to the scenes between Evans and bombshell Daniela Oritz-Rivera. Martin, who was coupled up with Evans, had struggled to come to terms with Evan’s actions while away in Casa Amor, and although they have tried to work through their issues, “movie night” brought some old drama back up. 

Whether you’re rooting for these couples or the islanders as individuals, this season has made for grade-A television, and I will be seated for every second of the drama. 

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