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love is blind cast reunion
love is blind cast reunion
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2 More ‘Love Is Blind’ Seasons Are Coming, So Here Are All The Details

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Looking for love? Well, look no further. Netflix’s most popular dating show, Love is Blind, is back for a sixth and seventh season. And what better date to premiere the show’s sixth season than on Valentine’s Day — Feb. 14! On Jan. 23, Love Is Blind Season 6 dropped its first official trailer and it looks like it’s going to be just as entertaining as the previous season. The sixth season will feature singles from Charlotte, North Carolina, and should bring another enjoyable season of love.

Love is Blind has quickly become a fan favorite since its initial premiere in 2020. Season 5 spent five weeks on Netflix’s worldwide top 10 list. And, like any good reality show, fans can expect a little bit of drama

The reality show follows singles who want to be loved for who they are and do it in quite an unconventional manner. The singles will choose their partner without ever having met them in person. All conversations leading up to the choice are done through the pods, where contestants speak to each other without seeing what their partner looks like. As the show progresses, the couples move in together and get to know each other, ultimately testing the strength of their physical relationship and the emotional relationship they’ve created. With the grand finale at the altar, the couples either end in a happily ever after or part ways. 

With the Season 6 premiere date announced, here’s what we know so far. 

Love is Blind Season 6 release date 

Love is Blind Season 6 will premiere on Netflix on Feb. 14. Grab your girls, wine, and the charcuterie boards because this is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

Is there a Love is Blind Season 6 trailer?

Yes there is!

The season 6 trailer was released on Jan. 23 and shows a group of new singles hoping to find love in the pods. The upcoming season also teases a little bit drama. I don’t know about you but I’m so excited for this new season to start.

Who’s in the Love is Blind Season 6 cast?

On Jan. 17, Netflix revealed the Season 6 cast in a promo video shared on YouTube and social media. The video shows the men and women explaining what they’re each looking for in a partner and what they’re most excited about when it comes to this dating experience.

Check out the 30 new singles who are ready to establish loving and authentic relationships inside the pods.

We do know the Season 6 Filming Location.

The Season 6 cast has been chosen from Charlotte, North Carolina.

What is the Love is Blind Application Process?

If you’re looking for love, you have a chance to apply for future seasons, now that we know Season 6 won’t be the last. The online application is live on the Love is Blind casting site. The application process requires you to enter your birth date to confirm that you’re 21 and older. Once confirmed, you’ll need to answer a 70-question application form. Questions include the basics, first and last name, employment status, and social media handles but other questions include: 

  • Why is marriage important to you? 
  • What are your deal breakers?
  • Would you be open to someone who has been divorced or has children?
  •  Why are you a catch? 
  • What is something you would be hesitant to share in the pods? 

If you’re interested in applying (or if you know someone who wants to apply), I would definitely head over to the application site. Or, if you’re like me and simply curious about the application process for shows like Love is Blind, the application form is very insightful! 

Do we know anything about Love is Blind Season 7 yet?

Information about the reality TV show’s seventh season is still tightly under wraps. No specific details have been shared about the cast, premiere date, or its filming location. However, three casting calls have been posted for Washington, D.C., Tampa, Florida, Detroit, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, Phoenix, Nashville, Tennessee, and Denver. With the application site still live, it’s safe to bet that Kinetic Content, the Love is Blind production company, is actively preparing for future seasons and one of these cities may be the winner for Season 7.

I’m just as excited as you about the Love is Blind renewal for not one, but two more seasons!

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