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Lofi Girl Lore Is Taking Over TikTok & I’m Invested

Students all know her and love her: Lofi Girl. She’s been there for all of us at our darkest. You know, like when you have to pull an all-nighter to prepare for an 8 a.m. final, and Lo-Fi Girl was the only reason you kept your eyes open. Yeah, she’s kind of an angel.

Lofi Girl has been sitting at her window since 2018, just stuck in a forever stream of chill beats to study to. She’s become a consistent companion for students, knowing they can always log on to YouTube and see her still taking notes for an exam that just never comes. So when she went missing on April 10, everyone kind of freaked out. Especially, TikTok.

Everyone has suddenly become invested in Lofi Girl Lore, seriously. The #lofigirl has over 48.9 million views on TikTok, and all the recent videos are recapping what’s going down with Lofi Girl.

Confused? No worries. Here’s what you need to know. 

What Happened to Lofi Girl?

Around 1 p.m. ET on April 10, Lofi Girl finally stopped studying. It happened suddenly and unexpectedly, she just vanished. It was almost like Lofi Girl and her cat had never been in the room at all. 

People immediately took to Twitter, wanting to know where Lofi Girl went. 

On April 7, the Lofi Girl YouTube channel posted a video titled, “What is happening with this blue window?” Hinting that the blue flashing window across the street had something going on, but no one expected it to lead to Lofi Girl’s disappearance. 


Come down this rabbit hole with me. What do you think?? #lofigirl #rabbithole #lofiworld #chillhop #conspiracy

♬ original sound – HoeWhite🍎

During all this chaos, the Lofi Girl channel changed all their profile pictures to question marks, and their banner became a never before seen shot of a room with a calendar circling the date: April 11, 2023. Talk about cryptic.

But the calendar rang true because, at 1 p.m. on April 11 (24 hours after Lofi Girl’s disappearance), a new friend was introduced to us: Lofi Boy! 

The stream showed Lofi Boy walking into a purple room with the cutest puppy next to him. The dog jumps into the window sill to get settled and falls asleep. Lofi Boy then puts on his headphones and begins working on his computer. And there you have it, a new stream, this one featuring Lofi Boy and titled “synthwave radio – beats to chill/game to.”

How does the Internet feel about Lofi Boy?

Now that the reveal has happened and the lore is over, how is everyone feeling? 

Well, the internet seems to be loving Lofi Boy. It feels like we all witnessed a part of history. Many are even hoping the creation of Lofi Boy hints at even more future characters being introduced to the Lofi universe. 

One person commented, “they need to make Lofi Girl and Boy walk around town with their headphones on until they meet.” It might be a long shot considering Lofi Girl never moved until yesterday, but hey, people can dream!

Finally, everything feels at peace in the Lofi universe again. Lofi Girl is studying with her cat, and Lofi Boy is gaming with his puppy. We can hope more Lofi Girl Lore will ensue when she drops some cryptic hints, but until then, let’s all enjoy these beats!

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