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Links We Love 8.1.10

  1. New York City colleges try to make life a little collegiate. [The New York Times]
  2. Your favorite breakfast food on-the-go, Pop Tarts, is opening a restaurant. Say what?! [NY Eater]
  3. Resume mistakes will cost you a job. See some stupid mistakes of the un-hired. [AOL Jobs ]
  4. Calling all Gleeks! Details on the Britney Spears episode! [Us Magazine]
  5. Thursday is the day to complain to the Twitterverse. [The Med Guru]
  6. Will Ferrell’s five best Funny or Die videos! [Houston Press]
  7. That can’t be Lady Gaga. She looks too…normal. [New York Fashion]
  8. Loving these street style outfits. [College Fashion]
  9. Sad report about homeless college students. [NPR]
  10. What has more bacteria…your cell phone or a toilet handle? [Daily Mail]
  11. BONUS! Chelsea Clinton got hitched yesterday and in her honor, Betty Jin compiled a list of 15 more power couples! [Business Insider]
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