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Links We Love 7.4.10

Happy 4th of July!

  1. Watch Macy’s NYC Fireworks online tonight and get all the details of their spectacular show! [Technically Personal]
  2. I want to go swimming in this pool! So cool! [Gizmodo]
  3. Get excited for some of your favorite shows — you can already mark their season premiere dates on your calendar! [Just Jared]
  4. How do you feel about a male birth control pill? (Weigh in below!) [Cosmpolitan]
  5. Ke$ha you are just too easy to make fun of! [College Humor]
  6. I was dying watching these videos! Mary-Kate Olsen goes on a date with Zac Efron, hysterical. [Very Mary Kate]
  7. Photos of amazing fireworks shows from around the world! [Web Urbanist]
  8. Makes flying look so fun right? NOT! [Cracked]
  9. Sunscreen myths debunked. Take note before you hit the beach. [Fitness Magazine]
  10. The story of one woman swearing off sex for a year. [The Atlantic]
  11. BONUS! HC Contributing Writer Betty Jin tells us where to eat cheap in NYC [The Huffington Post] and HC Contributing Writer Carlene Helble explains meatless Mondays [Balanced Health and Nutrition]
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