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Links We Love 3.7.10

All caught up on your reading? Check out HC’s reading list for this week — we promise it’s better than anything your professor will assign!

  1. What time are you picking me up? What are we doing? Are we eating? A hysterical dating grievance about needing a little more information from guys. [Glamour]
  2. We learned a few weeks ago on LWL that happiness makes your heart better, and now here is some good news about the power of smiling. [Daily Mail]
  3. Another reason to get more sleep — too little sleep is linked to increased belly fat! [Time]
  4. Jessica Stringer shows us how funny Presidents can be (or those who portray them on SNL…). [Funny or Die]
  5. Jess & Katie told us this week that people who use “gay” and “retarded” as casual slurs are TOOLS. Pledge to end these painful insults! [R-Word]
  6. Missing New York? Wish you could go visit? Check out this Elyssa Goodman-approved playlist about the city that never sleeps. [New York Magazine]
  7. Victoria Guerrera shows us an article “about why some women decide to take their husband’s name when they get married, and why others choose to keep their own name. I’ve thought about this tradition a lot,” she says. “And this article is so interesting because it explores the many theories that go behind the women’s decision process when deciding what name to choose when the marry.” [Elle]
  8. Kathleen Corlett was drawn to this article with “its bizarre headline and the photo of a toddler sitting with her father on a bar stool next to open containers of alcohol. Though the parents pro-barhopping babies make an excellent, justifiable argument, I still don’t know if I could ever bring my child out to this sort of social setting.” [CNN]
  9. Caitlin Hardgrove shows us this really cool photo gallery! “I just find her stuff really interesting,” she says. “I love photography even though I’m not very good at it…but I love looking at other photgrapher’s work!” [Flickr]
  10. Katie Sanders reminds us how awkward Facebook really is. [Gawker]
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