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Links We Love 12.19.10

  1. Who is Time Magazine’s person of the year? We’ll give you a clue — you check his website religiously. [Time Magazine]
  2. 50 colleges with high early admissions rates. Make you wanna go ED huh? [US News & World Report]
  3. Don’t skimp out on sleep! Beauty rest IS real. [Lemondrop]
  4. Man cured of HIV with stem cells. Seems crazy, no? Get the intense details on how this was accomplished. [San Diego News]
  5. Missed a few movies this year? Have no fear — this video will provide you with a montage of all the flicks of 2010. [Gawker]
  6. Facebook is at the front line of free speech debates on the Internet. [The New York Times]
  7. Can’t get a job? Unfortunately, you may need to consider interning. The new entry level job. [The Huffington Post]
  8. The best and worst suggestions from magazine holiday gift guides. [Fashionista]
  9. Scrimping this holiday season? Here is a guaranteed stocking-stuffer pleaser that won’t break the bank! [Glamour]
  10. So many celeb breakups recently! Is this the season to get dumped? [Cosmopolitan]


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